Bad Habits started in 2017 in Barcelona. It was born from the obsession of its founder, Georgina Escoda, to create her ideal wardrobe, made up of all those irresistible basics that make it up campaign after campaign.

Knowledge of the business, along with his instinct and his ability to influence were the ingredients for the gestation and birth of Bad Habits.

In his words: “I thought, why not create everything I was looking for? Why not bring together all those ideas that I liked? “I never think about what is worn or what my clients might like,… it is more personal, when I create a garment, I think about what I would like to have in my own dressing room.”

"When I create a garment, I think about what I would like to have in my own dressing room."

Georgina Escoda

As a great lover of the world of fashion, she is in favor of good shoes, jeans, a blazer and a cool accessory, they make the difference.

She defends good taste, order and a sense of humor, breaks established rules and stereotypes, flees from bad education, indecisive people and, as she herself says, "from normality itself."
Our brand transmits freshness, good vibes and also the luxury of garments that combine design and quality, enhancing their beauty.
BAD HABITS is a brand that reflects a lifestyle, a way of thinking, being and living. It inspires women to feel free, to live without prejudice and not care what others think.
It always highlights the scoundrel, the restless, avoids the vulgar and has the touch of humor that its founder likes so much.
"Bad Habits is for girls with messy hair and thirsty minds"

This is bad